SW Cambodia Day 2 – Introducing the projects (live blog)


On friday night, no less than 39 ideas were pitched at Startup Weekend Cambodia.

Out of those pitches, 16 teams were formed, and we’re glad to introduce the different projects :

1. My Restaurant 

“The idea of this project is to provide informations about restaurants. Users will be able to search restaurants on the app and to find new food with affordable prices, based on type of food they look for or based on where they are located”.


“A mobile application empowering women to travel independently”.

3. Ba Phnom Chickem Farm

“Ba Phnom Chicken farm raises organically feed Chickens for sale in restaurants, markets, and stares. In Ba Phnom, Prey Veng Province the Chickens will be raised in custom built coops, (Chicken houses) and fed rice that has been soaked in water for at the least is minutes they will also be fed small insets captured at high and fruit harvested seasonally 25% of profit will be used to purchase school supplies for poor students and books for the school library. Waste from the chicken will be used as fertilizer to grow vegetables in a small garden. We will charge higher prices because the product will be natural chemical tree, healthy, and environmentally friendly”.

4. Kit Snap

“Kit Snap is a visual platform that allows everyone to discover big and small events nearby or across the globe through personalized event pages including photos, videos, and other documents from the event ”.


“OPOT (One Person One Tree) is a social and mobile agriculture platform, that aims at connecting farmers, business people and buyers in one space to share information related to growing trees in each region. People who grow trees can use this platform to keep track of their growing trees, and share the progress with anyone. People who have not enough time to plant trees can support by giving funds”.


“Peeler is a digital dashboard gathering all online available public information related to a brand or a company. Peeler allows to :

– Monitor online reputation (in few seconds you can have a look at the online reputation of a company / brand / product).

– Target specific information (you can refine your search by dates, sources and keywords)

– Organise and extract information (you can select the information that you need, and create full reports)

Peeler targets marketing and communications agencies + marketing and communications departments”.

7. Better Tuk Tuk  & Taxi Cambodia

“Our business aims to improve tuk tuk & taxi service in Cambodia by providing tracking App, not line service, training, and decoration to make passengers get proper price, safety, fun, and more accessible like having a PRIVATE DRIVER”.

8. Picgift

“Online business focusing on converting your photo to any format. For example, we will print your photo on t-shirt, glasses, cap, phone case etc”.

9. Cloud Drink App

“Most convenient way to order your drink”.

10. Saburoh Foundation

“Saburoh is a charity concept to be created in response to social needs, that would focus on collecting second-hand stuffs from NGOs, private sectors and individuals through social networking and social media. Then, Saburoh would distribute and retail the collected stuffs and target clients. Generated incomes would keep the concept sustainable, and a part of the revenues would be donated to support non profit organizations”.

11. AdsCool

“An image-driven rewarding App for Peer-2-peer Advertising”.

12. Jom Nol Ba Phnom Drink

“A rest stop/snack stall in Ba Phnom, Prey Veng where students, travelers, and locals can come together and enjoy cool drinks, fresh juices, milk, and FRESS WI-FI, the first snack stall of its kind in Ba Phnom. This enterprise is student led and operated. A portion of Jom Nol Ba Phnom Drink’s profit is donated to orphanages and charities in the local area which support disadvantaged children”.

13. Snapy Shop

“Make selling and buying items easily.

Snap, Tag, Post”

14. Organic Farm delivery

“We are a company that would offer services to deliver organic products. Our clients would be restaurants and households. Our business would aim at motivating farmers to develop organic farms and to bring products directly from farmers to buyers.”

15. LAAN.co

“LAAN.co provides you with all the information you need before buying a car along with the most extensive listing in the country so that you can purchase the RIGHT car”.

16. Call me now 

“Call center to get information about traffic jam.”


Teams are working hard to be ready for tomorrow pitches, so good luck everyone !!!