FREE Google API and Google App Engine Training


FREE Google Technology Training Bootcamp on Tuesday 5th June from 8am -> 5pm at Panha Chiet University

Startup Weekend Cambodia, in partnership with Phnom Penh Google Technology User Group are proud to announce a FREE Google Technology Training Bootcamp covering Google API’s and Google Apps!

This is a very special event because Google are very kindly flying in a senior engineer, Guy Flysher from Israel to provide this training for us.

NOTE: This event is only open to Startup Weekend Cambodia participants and PPGTUG members so please register for Startup Weekend Cambodia before attending this event!!

If you are new to Google Web API’s or Google App Engine or have some experience with these technologies and want to brush up on your skills a little – then this event is for you!

For more details about the event and how to register please go to the Official PPGTUG page.

Many thanks again to all the contributers and sponsors for this event, namely: