Being built this week at Cambodia Startup Weekend


Here’s a list of the projects being built at Cambodia Startup Weekend this weekend. Attendees – this is also the order of the Sunday pitches:


A SAAS for keeping track of your websites FAQ. Maintain, promote and keep track of popular questions using built-in analytics.


A service that allows users to anonymously setup dates using SMS with a new partner in your life.


A cloud backup storage service aimed at the domestic market. Backup and restore your critical business data with BackBox.


Tentage seeks to be the perfect property search companion for lifestyle designers, digital nomads, location independents, vagabonds, expats or anyone with an appetite for spontaneous travel.

Bargin Hunter

Want to know the price of a car that you want to buy in another country? Usually, it can be ceaper, right? But what about tax, logistics, insurance etc? Is it still as good a bargin as you thought? Bargin Hunter helps answer these questions.